Monday, December 27, 2010


It's been a few months since we updated the blog. This is mainly due to one large issue...we're STILL waiting on our fingerprints to return from the FBI. It's been close to 11 weeks. So, if any of you out there reading this has a hook up at the FBI go ahead and give them a call. Just saying...we're getting a little impatient around here. I know that our adoption of a child isn't quite on the high priority list at the FBI but I'm tired of waiting.

Basically, we're stuck in limbo until we get the prints back. We cannot move forward with the home study until all the background information has been cleared. I'm DYING to get on the active list with the agency so we can be considered for babies. Patience is overrated!! Hopefully we will get the rest of our home study done quickly - my goal is by the end of January providing our prints are returned anytime in the near future.

Wesley and I have been doing lots of research in the meantime. We feel like we have a pretty solid game plan going forward. We're going to stick with Catholic Charities until summer and if we're unsuccessful we're seriously contemplating using an agency out of KC that has a very quick turnaround time. However, the price tag on the KC agency is double (plus some) of our adoption with Catholic Charities. The KC agency is called American Adoptions and I've had two lengthy conversations with a social worker there and I'm very impressed. If anyone has a great fundraising idea that will net us about $20k - feel free to share it with us :-)

I must say that I've gained a lot of insight during the past couple months. During Christmas Eve service at church Father Mark repeatedly said that when baby Jesus was born the people were told "Do not be afraid". I think this is going to become my mantra during this process. There are so many things that make me afraid to adopt. The mental/physical/emotional health of the baby and Wesley and me are just the tip of the iceberg. However, I know that the good Lord has a plan that is beyond our wildest dreams. So, I'm looking into 2011 with the reminder that I am not to be afraid of the work and timing of God.

2010 has been a roller coaster of emotions. We started 2010 in our little apartment...just me and Wesley. We've since adopted a dog, each found new jobs (that we are beyond excited about...we've meet some amazing people through work), started our adoption and bought a house. We are blessed beyond measure and I am thankful every day!

Wesley is in the home stretch of the academy. He graduates in a few short days...January 6th. He will be a fully commissioned officer with the City of St. Louis. We're starting 2011 off with a bang! I'm so excited and proud of my husband. He has worked unbelievably hard at school and he's met some friends that have made the experience enjoyable (well - as enjoyable as it can be). My hope is that he finds fulfillment in his career and that the friendships he has developed will be lasting.

We will keep everyone updated once our FBI prints come back! We can't wait to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, dear college friends of mine are currently in the waiting period to adopt a child. They've had several hits on their profiles but nothing has come to fruition. Please send prayers their way so that they will have a successful match and be able to bring a baby home soon!!